"Art is the power to be able to embed thought in materials. For the poet, poetry is the material."

— Jerry Saltz (via jenlindblad)

i hurt so much. i never wanted to feel like this again, and here we are. it took all i had the first time to overcome this. this time it’s different, but it hurts in the same place. i can’t do this again. i can’t fucking do this again.


i’ve become an old person. the more i drink the more i want to sleep.

"You are the ever-living ghost of
what once was."

No One’s Gonna Love You - Band of Horses

"When I look in the mirror, I see a woman with secrets. When we don’t listen to our intuition, we abandon our souls. And we abandon our souls because we are afraid if we don’t, others will abandon us."

— Terry Tempest Williams (via childrenofthetao)

"Suddenly you’re ripped into being alive. And life is pain, and life is suffering, and life is horror, but, my god, you’re alive and it’s spectacular."

— Joseph Campbell


destroy the idea of the “average father” coveting his daughter’s virginity and “protective brother” making sure no men lay their unholy eyes upon his sister who has given them full permission.

slaughter the idea that men are allowed to be gatekeepers for sex and have a duty or a right to “save women from themselves” when it comes to sex

kill the purity myth

matters-from-ashes said: You look more excited than you do sorry.

yes, because this is the best mixed drink i’ve ever had made.

UH-OHi’m supposed to be working on a paper, that was due back during spring break. but i’ve cleaned all day and made this drink too strong.i think i’ll try again tomorrow..
My sometimes voice


Wet for you when
love it when
let’s talk like
when, I talk like
a calculated suicide
or is that word a drama
I don’t need
angle left right down
from beneath
a hand pump
for your heartblood
me standing
tapping my foot
whilst you drain out
and we’ve got the same
cards and notes and
tone of voice